Friday, November 4, 2011

Task 2- Benjamin, Hao Xian, Aziel and Yi Xian

TasBoth photo shows the same object at different angle. It applies to the Scamper technique introduce.

Substitute - Instead of conventional light bulb, it uses Led bulb that last much longer
Combine - Instead if putting the light intensity controller externally, it is incorporated into the product itself.
Adapt - It's adjustable wings make it perfect for the readers as they are able to control the angle in which they want the light to be.
Modify - The design was modified to make it simpler use, though we are not sure of the previous design, we are sure, it was much more complex.
Put to other use- It may be use as a prop, as it's design mimics a seagull. It may also be use to serve as a backlight for paper

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