Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Exploring Entrepreneurship Camp @ NP 2011

What are the 3 most important things that you had learnt that you can apply in your life?


  1. 1) How to fo business
    2) How to make better slides
    3) Everything can be an idea

  2. 1)How to start a business
    2)Forms of advertising
    3)Anyone can be an entrepreneur.

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  4. I learn
    - How to do marketing
    - more about entrepreneurship
    -Brainstorming for better Ideas

  5. The three most important things that I have learnt from this camp would be
    - How to develop on an idea and make it become reality
    - The different strategies when running a business to make it more successful
    - How to run a business properly

  6. I learnt how to:
    1) Start a business.
    2) MArket my product
    3) Do a good presentation to present my business idea.

  7. 1. I can use my marketing skills to publicize a company/product
    2. I can present slightly better now.
    3. I can use the financial calculating skills to help plan my future budget when shopping/buying things/going on holiday

  8. I learnt how to think of creative business ideas, promote that business idea and how to carry out that business idea.

  9. 1. I can use my skills to start a business and manage it
    2. I know how to market and advertise my products.
    3. Present my ideas and convince others to invest in it.

  10. 1) We must take risks, in order to succeed.
    2) Even if everyone says that your idea is terrible and cannot be carried out, it can still be carried out.
    3) Ideas are one of the most important parts of innovation.

  11. 1)How to produce good presentations
    2)How to be an effective entrepreneur
    3)How to turn ideas into businesses.

  12. The 3 most important things i learnt is how to present my business idea, marketing the product and think of a business idea.

  13. I learn
    1) What makes a good entrepreneur
    2) How to market products
    3) How to make a good presentation

  14. 1. The way to present may actually stand out even if the product/idea is not really ideal.
    2. Skills to be one entrepreneur.
    3. The plans ahead of life can be related through business, like how we choose to do many different things.

  15. ~ How to start/manage a business.
    ~ How to modify an idea to make it feasible.
    ~ That taking risks isn't necessarily bad as it can also have a good outcome.

  16. 1. How to presenting an interesting and captivating way.
    2. How to manage business with a positive and confident way.
    3. Everything can be used as an idea.

  17. I learnt how to

    -Market and showcase a product
    -perform appropriate steps before I can be an entrepreneur
    -turn ideas into solutions to problems

  18. I learnt
    - The traits of an entrepreneur and what makes them different from any ordinary business man.
    - How useful whatever we have learnt in the camp and how it can be used in the future. (:
    - The importance of knowing exactly what we would want and working for it.

  19. 1. I learnt how to start a business.
    2. I learnt how to publicise my company.
    3. I learnt that we must take risks in order to succeed.