Friday, July 22, 2011

RHD Bazaar - Learning

Write down at least 3 things you have learned about making sales?


  1. 1. Being nice to customers so they will buy your products
    2. Getting people to stop crowding around your stall if they are not planning to buy
    3. The quantity of our products has to be considered as it might take some time for us to finish the cotton candy etc...

  2. 1) Setting the correct prices for sales
    2) Publicity must be appealing to customers
    3) Competition with other stalls must be taken into account.

  3. 1. The space needed must be sufficient
    2. Machines should be working all the time
    3. Being more organized

  4. 1) the price of the products
    2) unexpected events take place; be prepared
    3) The position of the store is crucial

  5. 1) We have to publicize our store as the other stalls are doing that too, and we wil lose out.
    2) We cannot sell the products too expensive.
    3) Have only a few people mending the store, not too many people.

  6. 1) We need to publicize the stall more
    2) The goods we sell must appeal to a variety of customers
    3) We must be prepared for unforeseen circumstances, such as when the machines overheat

  7. 1) Being kind to the customers.
    2) Product must get to the customers and quick as possible.
    3) The number of people at the stall and also the thing that you are selling.

  8. 1) People must advertise
    2) If the location is wrong, it could jeopardize your whole mission.
    3) keep prices reasonable and keep your merchandise simple

  9. 1) A stall must be fun or attractive.
    2) Stalls must have a organised system or else it will not work out even if it attracts a lot of people.
    3) People who tend the stall should be friendly and not scream/shout at customers

  10. 1) Setting the affordable and profitable price to portray our sales
    2) Sales of product should not limit to around a certain barrier, but someone should make an effort to go around the school compound to attract them to our stall.
    3) The time constrain compared to how we are going to sell our products, not very efficient and of a high standard yet.

  11. 1.)Focusing on multiple customers at a time.
    2.)Making other stalls will not steal your customers.
    3.)The food must appeal to most people rather than some.

  12. 1) With Competition among other stalls, it is difficult to sell your product unless it is unique and cheap.

    2) People tend to be money-minded and will consider about the price of the product very seriously, if priced wrongly people will not be willing to go to your stall to spend.

    3) We need to be a careful of the product sold, as targeting customer of all races require consideration of it's ingredient (for food)

  13. 1) We need to publicize the stall more ( Advertise )
    2) If we were to sell food, the food must be halal
    3) Our products should have reasonable prices.

  14. 1. We have to know our target audience before selling (:
    2. Not everybody would like whatever we're doing and would always find a way to criticize what we are selling, but there are still the others who would buy. Different people, different opinions. We shouldn't be disheartened, though.
    3. We have to work to get our sales going, and that would mean moving around to advertise.

  15. 1. we need to come up with reasonable(and possibly cheaper) prices
    2. we need to do more advertising
    3. we need to consider possible malfunctioning of the machinery

  16. 1) We must be kind to our customers
    2) We should check if the food was halal before serving it
    3) The customers must get what they want ASAP